How Do Hair Extensions Work?

  • Hair extensions are pieces of hair that add length, thickness or texture to a person's own natural hair. Over the years, hair extensions have grown in popularity because hair manufacturers have lowered their price, making them available to the average person. As a result, many people wear them either secretly and openly. It's an old Hollywood secret turned into a modern fad.

  • Hollywood celebrities were the first people to use hair extensions. Initially, it was in the form of clips that added thickness. Later, the technique became more complicated. Also, the hair type evolved from synthetic to real human hair.

  • Hair extensions are added to a person's hair through fusion, clips, netting or braids. Fused hair extensions are tracks or strands of hair lined with glue and then attached to the natural hair. The glue is a special epoxy designed to hold onto hair without damaging it. Clip in hair extensions usually are tracks or ponytails that attach to the natural hair through a metal or plastic clip that can be snapped open and shut. Netted hair extensions are tracks of hair sewn into the natural hair that is cornrowed to the scalp. Braided hair extensions are loose strands of hair that are wrapped around a strand of natural hair and interwoven with it like a braid. All of these types of extensions can be removed by removing the substance that is attaching it to the natural hair. All techniques are effective if executed properly.

  • Properly executed hair extensions blend into the wearer's own natural hair in a way that is undetectable. As a result, most stylists look for a hair color similar to the natural hair of the wearer. And, if this is impossible, the hair extensions are treated with hair dye. Of course, there are some people who do not follow this norm and purposely get hair extensions of different colors to emulate a certain style such as an urban look.

  • The basic purpose of hair extensions is individual expression and flexibility. It gives everyone a chance to get a wider range of hairstyles than possible with their own natural hair. The fad of wearing hair extensions will likely be around for a long time.

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