How Does Speed Dating Work?

  • Speed dating is like technology for dating in the sense that it makes it faster, easier, and much more convenient than conventional methods. The way it works is by putting numerous eligible people together in one room and allowing them all a short time to meet each other and see if any interest sparks. This is done in a safe and controlled environment which is referred to as a speed dating party or event. The first step in the process is to find one of these parties or events in your area. You can register for one through many speed dating websites such as You simply pick the party you want to attend based on age and venue then buy your tickets and show up at the recommended arrival time. Tickets range in price but normally cost somewhere between twenty and fifty dollars.

  • When you arrive at the party which will typically be held in a nice club or bar you will be given a number to wear on your shirt. You also have time to order a few drinks and prepare for the event to begin. Once the speed dating gets underway normally all the females will be seated at a specific table for the duration of the event. The bachelors will then sit down at a table and the two will usually have anywhere from three to five minutes to talk and briefly get to know one another. At the end of the pre-determined time limit a bell will ring or a whistle will be blown indicating it is time for the bachelors to move on to the next table. Both people will then discreetly circle "yes" or "no" on their date card to denote whether or not they would like to see the dater they met again. As the bachelors move to the next table the process begins again with a new potential mate. There is an intermission during the party to give daters the opportunity to get a drink or use the restroom. At the end of the event the daters will have met between ten and twenty potential matches depending on the size of the party and time constraints.

  • After the daters leave the speed dating event they will typically have around two to three days to log on to the dating website for the organization that hosted the event to log their matches. You simply enter in the number(s) for the dater(s) you felt a connection with and are interested in seeing again. The organization will then email you with contact information for your mutual matches within a week. This way there is no embarrassing rejection or awkwardness. Both parties log their choices and when a match is made you are both notified. This is how the process works. It is really that simple.

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