• How Do Volcanoes Erupt?

    The process of a volcano erupting begins with the generation of magma, which then migrates towards the surface until the pressure and temperature can equalize. Find out why sometimes there… Read More

  • How Does Hail Form?

    Hail forms with an uplift that involves air rising, cooling and condensing as the temperature goes down. Discover how hail can get larger through winds that pick it up and… Read More

  • How the Moon Affects the Changing of the Tides

    The gravitational pull of the moon and the rotation of the earth, coupled with the centripetal force of the earth, causes two high tides and two low tides throughout the… Read More

  • How Does Latitude Affect Climate?

    Latitude can affect climate through circulation, and the wind bands known as trade winds differ depending on latitude. Discover how the movement of weather systems is controlled by large wind… Read More

  • Where Do Robins Live?

    Robins live in a variety of habitats, as they have been known to nest right on houses, in the middle of cities and even on the grounds of Alaska. Find… Read More

  • What Do Young Barn Owls Eat?

    Young barn owls eat other nocturnal creatures, such as rats, mice and other nighttime rodents. Find out how barn owls feed with helpful information from an Audubon Society member in… Read More

  • What Do Cardinals Eat?

    Cardinals are seasonal eaters, much like most songbirds, as they feed on insects during the summer and seed during the winter. Find out what cardinals usually eat with helpful information… Read More

  • What Is Bird Banding?

    Bird banding is a method of applying a numbered band to the ankle of capture birds before releasing them into the wild. See how bird banding aids in important research… Read More

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