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  • What Do Dolphins Look Like?

    Dolphins, fur-less mammals often distinguished by their flippers and flukes, can range from 2 meters in size to much bigger. Learn more about the appearance of dolphins from a marine… Read More

  • How Do Cheetahs Communicate?

    Cheetahs communicate vocally through hissing, growling and purring, but their throats are designed differently than lions making it impossible for them to roar. Find out how cheetahs communicate with each… Read More

  • How Long Does a Giraffe Live?

    Giraffes can live up to 26 years old in the wild, but they can live much longer in captivity where disease and predators are absent. Discover a giraffe's life cycle… Read More

  • How Do Gorillas Communicate?

    Gorillas communicate in a variety of ways, including whimpering, chest thumping, grunting and howling. Discover all of the different ways that gorillas relay messages to each other with information from… Read More

  • What Do Giraffes Eat?

    Giraffes are herbivores, which means they eat plant material like leaves high in the trees, acacia and leaves from bushes. Learn about a giraffe's eating habits with information from an… Read More

  • Where Do Zebras Live?

    Zebras live only in Africa, but some zebras live in the plains while others live in the mountains. Find out where zebras thrive, depending on their breed, with information from… Read More

  • What Do Zebras Eat?

    Zebras eat very coarse grass, as they have bacterial enzymes in their stomachs that help break down an abundance of plant material. Understand the eating habits of zebras with information… Read More

  • What Does a Gray Whale Eat?

    Gray whales eat bottom-dwelling creatures, such as tube worms, larvae, plankton, crabs and small fish. Find out how the gray whale filters the food from the water with information from… Read More

  • How Do Whales Sleep?

    Whales sleep by only allowing half of their brain to rest at a time so that they may look out for danger and breath air at the surface of the… Read More

  • How Do Dolphins Make Noise?

    Dolphins make noise primarily through their blow hole, which is the area through which dolphins breathe air. Find out how some dolphins have been conditioned to create over 12 different… Read More

  • The Difference Between Dolphins & Porpoises

    The primary differences between dolphins and porpoises are anatomical, such as the shape of their teeth, the structure of their jaw and the waters they inhabit. Discover how porpoises tend… Read More

  • How Intelligent Are Dolphins?

    Dolphins are one of the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom, and one example of their intelligence can be found in their use of echolocation. Discover how dolphins use… Read More

  • Where Do Hummingbirds Sleep?

    Hummingbirds sleep where they can perch on a tree branch at nighttime, which is when they enter a torpor state of temporary hibernation. Discover how hummingbirds sleep with information from… Read More

  • How Much Do Hummingbirds Weigh?

    Hummingbirds weigh different amounts, depending on the species, but they can weigh anywhere from one-eighth of an ounce up to seven-tenths of an ounce. Understand the different behavior of different… Read More

  • How Fast Do Hummingbirds Flap Their Wings?

    Hummingbirds can flap their wings as fast as 52 wing beats per second, which enables them to stay in the air flying forward, backwards, sideways, up and down. Discover how… Read More

  • What Is the Life Expectancy of a Hummingbird?

    The life expectancy of a hummingbird is from 3 to 6 years, but some hummingbirds have been found to live as long as 12 years in captivity. Understand the life… Read More

  • How to Make Hummingbird Nectar

    To make hummingbird nectar, dissolve one part sugar in four parts of water over heat, pour the mixture into a bright red feeder, and hang it outside. Keep large batches… Read More

  • How Fast Do Hummingbirds Fly?

    Hummingbirds can fly as fast as 60 miles per hour during courtship displays, but their average flying speed is closer to 30 miles per hour. Learn more about the flying… Read More

  • How Do Hummingbirds Migrate?

    Hummingbirds migrate from the north, usually Canada and New England, to the south, in Florida and Mexico, for the winter months. Find out how hummingbirds can migrate to the exact… Read More

  • How to Attract Hummingbirds

    To attract hummingbirds, wear brightly-colored clothing, hang hummingbird feeders in the yard, and plant the types of flowers they prefer. Draw hummingbirds into the yard with information from a national… Read More

  • What Role Do Manatees Play in the Ecosystem?

    In the ecosystem, manatees perform several vital functions, including cutting grass and spreading seeds. Find out how manatees spread sea grasses, which are important habitats for many fish and crabs,… Read More

  • What Does a Shark Eat?

    Sharks eat different things depending on the species and the habitat, but they mostly eat bony fish that are found along the shores. Find out how some sharks eat marine… Read More

  • How Many Teeth Do Sharks Have?

    The number of teeth that a shark has can vary greatly among species, with the great white shark using about 50 teeth at any one time. Learn about a shark's… Read More

  • What Does a Starfish Eat?

    Starfish have two stomachs, and they can eat bivalves, such as clams and oysters, despite the fact that their prey may be larger than themselves. Discover how starfish use one… Read More

  • What Do Monkeys Eat?

    Monkeys eat insects, leaves, fruits and even other monkeys. They often spend most of their time in the wild searching for food to create a balanced diet. Learn how monkeys… Read More

  • How to Clean a Hummingbird Feeder

    To clean a hummingbird feeder, use hot tap water and a bottle brush each time the feeder is refilled, and use a bleach solution to completely clean the feeder once… Read More

  • How to Attract Cardinals

    Attracting cardinals can be done by putting down sunflower mixes, fruits and peanuts, along with using suet feeders and providing water and thickets for nesting. Provide a box of meal… Read More

  • Frog Life Cycle

    A frog's life cycle begins as an egg that develops into a tadpole, and this tadpole will develop front legs and back legs. Find out how frogs use their tails… Read More

  • Where Do Rabbits Live?

    Rabbits live all over the world on every continent except Antarctica. They can be found in snowy areas, woodland regions and tropical regions. Find out the differences between rabbits and… Read More

  • Where Do Hedgehogs Live?

    The natural living environment of hedgehogs is found in Europe and Africa, in both cold and tropical climates. Hedgehogs from cold areas tend to hibernate through the winter. Learn more… Read More

  • What is Playing Possum?

    Learn facts about playing possum and information on how to care for opossums in this free online instructional video. Read More

  • Facts About Opossums, Disease, & Friendliness

    Learn facts about opossums, disease and information on how to care for possums in this free online instructional video. Read More

  • Similarities Between Opossums & Rats

    Learn why opossums are sometimes mistaken for rats and information on how to care for possums in this free online instructional video. Read More

  • What Is an Opossum?

    Learn facts and tips about opossums and information on how to care for possums in this free online instructional video. Read More

  • What Do Opossums Eat?

    Learn what opossums eat and information on how to care for possums in this free online instructional video. Read More

  • What Is an Interpretive Naturalist of Zoology?

    Learn what an Interpretive Naturalist of Zoology does and facts about opossums and possum-care in this free online instructional video. Read More

  • Black Bear Scat & Tracking Black Bears

    The facts of bear tracking! Learn how to recognize black bear scat and what you can infer from it to help track black bear in this free video on bear… Read More

  • How to Track Bobcats

    Learn how to track bobcats in this free hunting video. Read More

  • How to Indentify Animal Scat

    Learn how to identify animal scat or excrement and to track the animal in this instructional video. Read More

  • What Is Animal Tracking?

    Learn the basics on identifying animal tracking in this how-to video. Read More

  • Bee hive construction

    Run your own bee hive! Learn how to construct your own wooden bee hives for professional or hobby beekeeping in this free beekeeping tutorial video. Read More

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