Medical Billing

  • What Are CPT Code Modifiers?

    CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology. The CPT refers to a medical procedure code book that contains codes and descriptions of procedures, organized by body system. The first section of… Read More

  • How to Apply for CareLink

    For people in and around Bexar County, Texas who do not have health insurance -- and who need financial support in order to pay medical bills and costs -- CareLink… Read More

  • Responsibility for Medical Bills

    It is sometimes difficult to understand where the responsibility lies for payment of medical services. Sometimes the insurance company pays, sometimes the patient does, and sometimes the patient is a… Read More

  • How to Find Global Periods for CPT Codes

    For every medical service, insurers and government programs have a window of time allotted for expected treatment including preoperative and postoperative care. During the allotted time window -- known as… Read More

  • Productivity Analysis for Rehabiliation Therapists

    Rehabilitation services include physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Many facilities analyze the productivity of their therapists to assess revenue generated by rehab services versus salary and related expenses… Read More

  • Step-by-Step for Completing a CMS 1500

    CMS 1500, also called a HCFA 1500, is an insurance form submitted by the provider to the insurance company for payment of services rendered to a patient. Most of the… Read More

  • How to Transfer a Prescription From Another State

    Whether you are on vacation or relocating to another state, it may be necessary to transfer a prescription. Being without medication can be inconvenient and dangerous. Pharmacies and doctors are… Read More

  • How to Reverse Look up Diagnosis Codes

    Whether you've just been diagnosed with a medical condition, and you're looking for more information on the diagnosis or you're interested in researching a particular diagnosis code, you can do… Read More

  • What Is the Average Cost of an MRI?

    An MRI is an important medical procedure that allows physicians to get a deeper look at what is going on inside your body. This procedure can be a key element… Read More

  • What is an HCFA 1500 Form?

    The Form CMS-1500, previously called an HCFA 1500 Form, is a form used in the health care industry to make Medicare claims. Health care providers or their billing agents complete… Read More

  • Health Care Reimbursement Issues

    Health care reimbursement is a major issue in health care reform. Reimbursement is the standard method of payment to health care providers. The payer is often an insurance firm or… Read More

  • What Is a RAC Audit?

    Medicare and Medicaid do not always completely reimburse doctors, hospitals and other health care providers, while some providers overbill Medicare and Medicaid. The purpose of an RAC audit is to… Read More

  • What Does Global Service Mean in Insurance Billing?

    An operation your surgeon performs in a hospital, when billed as a global service, will include charges for the doctor's time, expertise and insurance costs, as well as all surgery-related… Read More

  • What is Medicare APC?

    APC stands for Medicare's ambulatory payment classification. Hospitals use Medicare APC codes to bill the federal government for hospital services given to Medicare and Medicaid patients. Every item, machine or… Read More

  • List of Modifiers Used in Medical Billing

    Medical billers and coders use standard numerical codes to describe the procedures performed by physicians and other medical providers. Hospitals, clinics and private practices rely on medical billing professionals to… Read More

  • What Does "Assignment of Benefits" Mean for Insurance?

    One of the perks of having health insurance is that your doctor's office can bill and receive payment for services directly from your insurer. This is called "assignment of benefits"… Read More

  • CPT for Bone Spur Removal

    A bone spur, or exostosis, is an abnormal growth on a bone. It is sometimes referred to as “hyperostosis.” The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code for removal of a bone… Read More

  • What Is an Itemized Bill in Medical Billing?

    In medical billing, an itemized bill is a full listing of all actual charges that a patient or their insurance is being billed for. Most hospitals will only send patients… Read More

  • How to Determine Primary & Secondary Health Insurance Coverage

    Having health insurance coverage from a primary and secondary source can reduce or eliminate out of pocket health expenses. Health insurance providers have special rules for families with two or… Read More

  • What Is ICD 9 Coding Used for?

    The ICD-9 is the International Classification of Diseases, ninth revision, covering the years 1979 to 1998. The codes in this publication represent all diseases, conditions or circumstances known to cause… Read More

  • What Is an NPI Number?

    Whenever your doctor's office or hospital bills your insurance company, it transmits electronic information about your health. As a result, the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPPA,… Read More

  • How They Calculate DRG Rates

    Medicare bases its payments for in-patient hospital stays on which of more than 500 diagnosis-related groups the patient's case fits. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services calculates Medicare payment… Read More

  • Difference Between CPT Codes & ICD-9 Codes

    Medical billers and coders primarily use codes from two manuals: the "International Classification of Diseases (ICD)" manual and the "Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)" manual. These books contain thousands of numerical… Read More

  • Medical Terminology Basics

    Medical terminology refers to the words or language used by various types of professionals in the healthcare field. The extent to which a person needs to be proficient in medical… Read More

  • About Medical Discount Cards

    Many customers who do not have insurance, or have limited insurance, turn to medical discount cards to lower the cost of their health care or prescription medications. Although legitimate medical… Read More

  • About Medical Billing and Coding Certification

    Medical billing and coding is one of the fastest growing careers in the health care arena. Certification is obtained by completing the required course work and passing the certification exam.… Read More

  • How to Become a Medical Transcriptionist in Australia

    Becoming a medical transcriptionist in Australia will require much of your time in order to learn the coding properly and be able to type them in quickly accurately. Australian doctors… Read More

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