Nutritional Supplements

  • How to Buy Iodine

    Many people take iodine supplements for various health reasons, including thyroid disorders, breast cancer and detoxification. There are numerous quality sources from which to buy this important mineral supplement. Read More

  • How to Make an Electrolyte Replacement Drink

    Whether you run marathons, practice hot yoga or work outside in the sun, an electrolyte replacement drink will help your body stay hydrated and functioning properly. Electrolytes are chemicals that… Read More

  • List of Foods That Contain EGCG

    Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is part of a group of compounds known as catechins. Catechins have been connected to several health benefits and may reduce major health problems like stroke and… Read More

  • Mesobolin Side Effects

    Anabolic steroids attempt to reproduce male sex hormones. Bodybuilders and athletes often improve athletic performance and build muscle with anabolic steroid usage, despite the fact that they are neither legal… Read More

  • Vitamin CoQ10 Benefits

    Co-enzyme Q 10 (CoQ10) is a naturally occurring chemical that is found in some of the foods we eat, particularly oily fish, organ meats and whole grains. CoQ10 is normally… Read More

  • Negative Effects of the Endurox Powdered Protein Supplement

    Endurox R4 Protein Powder Recovery drink is made up of a 4 to 1 ration of protein and carbohydrates. Each serving of Endurox contains 13 grams of protein and 52… Read More

  • How Much Iron Supplement Should I Take Every Day?
  • How to Extract Allicin From Onions

    Garlic owes history and the allure of Dracula to its popularity as an immunity booster. Its closest cousin, the onion, is no disease-fighting slouch. The benefits of these relatives come… Read More

  • How to Buy Protein Powder With EBT

    EBT (electronic benefits transfer) is a government-sponsored program designed to provide low-income households with the ability to purchase food. Also referred to as food stamps, EBT uses a card similar… Read More

  • How to Create a Cycle With Creatine & No Xplode

    Creatine is a popular weightlifting supplement used to provide short-term increases in energy, strength and muscle building. NO-Xplode by BSN is a pre-workout supplement designed to improve physical and mental… Read More

  • Active Ingredients of Calcium Citrate

    In nature, calcium forms compounds known as calcium salts, according to Calcium citrate occurs when a calcium base bonds with citric acid. The main active ingredient in this combination… Read More

  • Is Moducare Dangerous?

    Moducare is a nutritional supplement meant to boost, regulate and restore the user's immune system. It may cause side effects and should be avoided by people within certain medical demographics. Read More

  • How do I Use Panothenic Acid for Adrenal Fatigue?

    Recovering from adrenal fatigue can be a complex, lengthy process. One of the key nutritional supplements that people take as they heal is pantothenic acid, which is also known as… Read More

  • What Is an Isogenic Diet?

    Isogenic diets seek to detoxify the system through the use of supplements and other products. The best-known isogenic diet is sold through Isagenix, a multi-level marketing company. There is debate… Read More

  • What Are the Dangers of Flintstone Vitamins?

    Many parents give multivitamin supplements to their children to assure that they are receiving adequate vitamins and minerals during the important growing and developmental years. Flintstones Vitamins, originally introduced in… Read More

  • FDA Regulations for Omega 3 Fish Oil

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the labeling and sale of medical devices, nutritional supplements and drugs that claim to improve human health or treat human illness. Omega-3… Read More

  • Uses for Gatorade

    Gatorade replenishes the body with carbohydrates, salts, vitamins and minerals. Athletes generally drink Gatorade to quench thirst and restore electrolytes during and after vigorous workouts or athletic events. Gatorade can… Read More

  • What is the Maximum Amount of Glutathione You Can Take?

    Glutathione, also known as gamma-Glutamylcysteineglycine and GHS, is an antioxidant and helps to protect cells from free radicals. A small protein found in the human liver, it may reduce the… Read More

  • Should I Store Vitamins in a Refrigerator?

    Vitamins are essential for optimal human growth and development. While most vitamins can be easily obtained through food, people who need extra vitamins or cannot eat enough to meet daily… Read More

  • How Long Should a Person Stay on Milk Thistle?
  • Proxeronine Side Effects

    Proxeronine is a controversial enzyme that makes up the alkaloid xeronine. Discovered and named by Dr. Ralph Heinicke, who once researched pineapple enzymes for Dole, proxeronine is marketed as a… Read More

  • How to take Omega 3 Without Tasting or Burping Fish Oil

    The American Heart Association recommends omega 3 through eating foods high in this fatty acid, such as salmon, herring, tuna, mackerel or lake trout. But many people cannot possibly eat… Read More

  • Benefiber Active Ingredients

    Benefiber is a nutritional supplement that is taste and sugar-free, and is made of 100 percent natural fiber. It can be dissolved into any non-carbonated drinks or soft foods such… Read More

  • Features of Vitamin C That Make It Water Soluble

    Vitamin C, also known as L-ascorbic acid, is found in citrus and soft fruit and in leafy green vegetables such as broccoli, peppers, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes. Vitamin C… Read More

  • What Are the Benefits of DMG Liquid in Humans?

    Dimethylglycine (DMG) is a derivative of the amino acid glycine in which two methyl groups (CH3) each replace a hydrogen atom. Because organisms use DMG rapidly to form other substances… Read More

  • Calorad Side Effects

    Since the 1990s, Calorad has become known as a miracle drink that helps you "lose weight and inches while you sleep" according to the Collagen Weight Loss website. This natural… Read More

  • About Vitamins to Control Oily Skin

    Oily skin, presenting a shiny appearance or enlarged pores, may occur as the result of vitamin deficiencies. An undeniable close relationship exists between your skin's health and beauty and the… Read More

  • Magnesium Oxide for Anxiety

    You need magnesium for some 300 biochemical reactions, according to the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements. This mineral is found naturally in foods like beans and leafy… Read More

  • What Are the Benefits of Emergen C?

    Emergen C is a supplement that contains a blend of vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes. There are more than 20 varieties of Emergen C, a caffeine-free drink that claims to increase… Read More

  • Mesquite Tree Allergies

    Pollen allergies can be caused by trees, grass or weeds. Tiny powdery grains released from flowering plants are carried by the wind when these plants are pollinating. Pollen allows plants… Read More

  • DanActive Side Effects

    DanActive is a chilled, probiotic-cultured dairy drink that contains 10 billion live Lactobacillus casei Immunitas cultures, the patented L. casei strain DN-114 001, that are being clinically studied to show… Read More

  • Side Effects of Zymex

    Zymex is a supplement meant to help encourage the growth of healthy bacteria, or probiotics, in your intestines while discouraging unhealthy bacteria. It's made mainly with wheat germ, lactose, beets… Read More

  • Substitutes for Powdered Dextrose

    Properly refuelling your body after a workout is important. It can make the difference between substantial athletic gains and loss of size and strength. A specific combination of carbohydrates and… Read More

  • What Are the Risks of Taking CoQ10?

    CoQ10 is a naturally occurring compound made in the body. It is used as a food supplement for its antioxidant properties and to help treat cardiovascular disease. It is used… Read More

  • MRI Black Powder Side Effects

    MRI's Black Powder is a popular pre-workout mix that weightlifters use to increase energy, focus and muscle pump, to reduce fatigue and to increase performance in the gym. However, Black… Read More

  • Side-Effects of Tribex

    Tribex is a popular herbal supplement that promises to boost energy, build muscles and improve sexual performance by increasing testosterone levels. Tribex's main ingredient, tribulus terrestris, stimulates the body's production… Read More

  • Focus Factor Side Effects

    Focus Factor is a dietary supplement that blends 40 ingredients together into one, easy-to-take pill. While most people believe that dietary supplements are free of side effects because they are… Read More

  • Psyllium Fiber Vs. Methylcellulose

    A high fiber diet prevents constipation and diverticular disease, and it reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. Vegetables, fruit and grain are healthy sources for dietary fiber,… Read More

  • Red Marine Algae Vs. Kelp

    In recent years so-called superfoods have become increasingly popular, both to target specific illnesses and for overall health. Seaweed and sea vegetables are regularly cited as belonging to the group… Read More

  • Harmful Effects of Fat Burners

    Fat burners and other diet pills have been the subject of scrutiny over the years. The market for fat burning pills is a multi-billion dollar business, and consumers are routinely… Read More

  • The Benefits of Vemma

    Vemma---an acronym for Vitamins Essential Minerals Mangosteen and Aloe---boasts a wide range of health properties, backed by double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials conducted by Brunswick Laboratories in Norton, MA. The liquid… Read More

  • Biotin for the Hair, Skin & Nails

    Biotin, generally classified as a B-complex vitamin, is water soluble and is required by all organisms. Biotin helps the body properly use fats and amino acids, and can improve health,… Read More

  • What Is Cernitin Flower Pollen?

    Cernitin flower pollen is a trademarked extract made with eight different kinds of pollen. It has several different nutrients available in it, and is thought to be beneficial for treating… Read More

  • Nutritional Support for Myelin Sheath

    The myelin sheath is a fatty collection of cells coating each neuron of the brain. Because fat inhibits electricity, the myelin sheath protects neurons from electrical activity and increases the… Read More

  • Side Effects of Nitric Oxide Stimulator

    Popular among athletes and bodybuilders, as well as people who incorporate an intense strength-training routine into their lifestyle, products that stimulate the body's release of nitric oxide are widely available… Read More

  • D-Anabol 25 Side Effects

    D-Anabol 25 is a potent steroid drug that is illegal to purchase or possess in the United States without a doctor's prescription. Despite this fact, D-Anabol 25 is still used… Read More

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Side Effects

    Gelatin is a form of hydrolyzed collagen which brings a ready supply of four essential amino acids: glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and glutamic acid. Nails and skin benefit from these amino… Read More

  • Resveratrol and Hair Growth

    Resveratrol, a substance found predominantly in red wine, as well as peanuts, pine trees and other plants, has been touted as a significant contributor to overall health, and recently as… Read More

  • The Benefits & Side Effects Acetyl-L-Carnitine

    Carnitine is found naturally in red meat and dairy products, as well as some plant foods. Its basic function in the body is to assist the transport of fat into… Read More

  • Dangers of the Konjac Root

    Konjac mannan root, also known as glucomannan, is a soluble fiber that is used to thicken Asian food, such as tofu and noodles. When the root comes in contact with… Read More

  • Ubiquinol Side Effects

    Ubiquinol, a form of Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 for short, is found naturally in mitochondrial cells and contributes to the body's ability to generate energy. Levels of this compound naturally… Read More

  • What Are the Benefits of Floradix?

    Floradix is a liquid iron supplement designed to increase iron levels in the blood. It uses iron gluconate, which is the most readily absorbed form of iron available. Floradix is… Read More

  • Benefits & Side Effects of Fish Oil Capsules

    The advice to consume fish at least twice a week is based on the fact that fish are the best sources of two types of omega-3 fatty acids that fight… Read More

  • Magnesium & Breast Tenderness

    Women can experience sore breasts due to cyclical reasons (the menstrual cycle) as well as when they are peri-menopausal and subjected to fluctuating hormones. When a woman has low magnesium… Read More

  • What Is the Difference Between Magnesium Glycinate & Magnesium Malate?

    Magnesium is a valuable mineral for maintaining health. Eating the right mix of magnesium-rich foods is possible but can present a challenge to those who have an unbalanced diet or… Read More

  • What Are the Benefits of Using Biosil?

    Biosil is a supplement that with regular intake proclaims it will benefit the improvement of your hair, skin, nails, and joints. In both liquid and pill form, the formula for… Read More

  • BSN Thermonex: Side Effects

    BSN Thermonex contains many ingredients that boost metabolism, support fat tissue breakdown, promote thermogenesis and provide energy during and after workouts. Like all supplements, Thermonex has the risk of side… Read More

  • The Benefits of ForsLean

    ForsLean is a weight-loss supplement with an extract of the Coleus forskohlii plant as the main ingredient. This plant extract, also called forskolin, may have a number of health benefits,… Read More

  • Bicarbonate Diet

    Bicarbonate is an important part of our diets. According to the article "Bicarbonate Has Beneficial Effects on Health" found in the Magnesium Web Online Library, bicarbonate is necessary for digestion… Read More

  • Vertigo and Serotonin Deficiency

    Vertigo, the illusion of motion many sufferers experience as a kind of nauseating dizziness, has many causes. An abundance of popular medical literature describes a causal relationship between low serotonin… Read More

  • Difference Between Regular Flaxseed & Golden Flaxseed

    As a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, flaxseed is a healthy addition to a balanced diet. There are two different types of flaxseed: regular brown flaxseed and… Read More

  • The Effect of Stevia on Libido

    With the rise in popularity of low calorie sweeteners, the use of stevia is becoming more mainstream. Like all natural additives though, it is important to explore the side effects… Read More

  • Zinc & Candida

    Candida sufferers experience a variety of ailments including a lack of concentration, digestive problems, gas, oral and vaginal yeast infections, lethargy and it may be the root cause of other… Read More

  • Risk & Facts About the 5-Hour Energy Shots

    School, work, responsibilities at home and everything in between has led to an epidemic of stress for Americans of all ages. Their perceived need for an energy booster, to propel… Read More

  • How Long Does HCG Shot Stay in Bloodstream?

    HCG is a naturally occurring human hormone that has been FDA-approved for treatment of a number of conditions over the years. Since the middle of the last century, though, certain… Read More

  • What Are the Functions of Leucine?

    Leucine is an essential amino acid, one that human bodies do not manufacture naturally. As such, it is commonly taken in supplements or in leucine-rich foods like meat, dairy products,… Read More

  • Foods Containing Monolaurin

    According to the Journal of Bacteriology, monolaurin, also called monoglyceride of lauric acid, and glycerol monolaurate, can kill many different kinds of dangerous microbes. This substance is produced via the… Read More

  • What Are the Dangers of Using Amino Acid Supplements?

    Amino acids are naturally derived from protein in fish, milk, eggs, chicken, and meats. Supplements may help make up for a lack of amino acids from not consuming such foods.… Read More

  • Difference Between Calcium Citrate & Calcium Orotate

    The Global Healing Center estimating that only 20 percent of Americans get an adequate amount of calcium. Calcium citrate and calcium orotate are two types of calcium carbonate supplements that… Read More

  • Benefits & Side Effects of Magnesium Supplements

    Your body needs magnesium for healthy teeth, bones and muscle development. Magnesium also regulates the level of calcium and other minerals, and according to the National Institutes of Health is… Read More

  • Benefits and Side Effects of Biotin

    Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is a water-soluble member of the B vitamin group. Biotin is beneficial for the human body in breaking down foods to create energy. Most… Read More

  • What Is Collagen Protein & Its Nutritional Value?

    Collagen is a protein found in the muscle and connective tissue of animals. Hydrolyzed collagen protein supplements are typically made from the bones and skin of cows, horses or pigs. Read More

  • Harmful Effects of Too Much Omega-3

    Omega-3 fatty acids are essential polyunsaturated fatty acids your body can't make on its own. They help with brain function and may reduce your risk of heart disease. It's best… Read More

  • What Is Airborne Medicine?

    Airborne, also known as Airborne Effervescent Health Formula, is a dietary supplement that has at times claimed to boost the immune system and treat or prevent colds. These claims have… Read More

  • What Are the Benefits of Black Strap Molasses?

    Molasses is a byproduct of the sugar distillation process in which cane juice is heated and sugar crystals are extracted. Black strap molasses is the result of the third distillation.… Read More

  • Side Effects of Fenugreek & Thyme

    Fenugreek is an herb commonly grown in Mediterranean regions. The seeds and leaves are used for culinary purposes, but for some health conditions as well, including increased production of breast… Read More

  • Side Effects of Ginkoba

    Ginkoba supplements are made from extracts of the gingko leaf. Evidence has shown that ginkoba may be effective for improving memory and concentration in patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease, dementia… Read More

  • MRI NO2 Black Vs. Platinum

    Medical Research Institute (MRI) is nutritional supplement company founded in 1997. MRI aims to produce high quality supplements using novel active ingredients and state-of-the-art delivery systems, which may enhance athletic… Read More

  • Pros & Cons of Weight Gainers

    Weight-gain products advertise quick weight gain and muscle building for “hardgainers,” or thin people who have a hard time gaining muscle mass. The manufacturers claim that these products help athletes… Read More

  • Immunocal Dangers

    Immunocal is a brand name for a hydrolyzed whey protein powder, also known in Canada as Humanized Milk Serum, or HMS-90. Whey, which you may remember as part of Little… Read More

  • Is Truvia Healthy with No Side Effects?

    Truvia has received mixed reactions among critics. Truvia is the marketed name of a product developed by Coke and Cargill. Its main ingredient, stevia, is a plant whose leaves are… Read More

  • Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Side Effects

    Whether you are an athlete or an average person trying get healthy and fit, the process of gaining weight can feel daunting and overwhelming. There are a number of products… Read More

  • What Is Calcium Gluconate?

    Calcium is an important mineral necessary for normal body functions, most notably the formation and maintenance of bones. Calcium also aids in the removal of other minerals from the body… Read More

  • Supplements for Children With Anxiety & Depression

    Anxiety and depression in young children and teens can be caused by genetics, nutritional deficiencies, allergies to foods and other substances, underlying medical disorders and stressful life events. More than… Read More

  • Supplements to Increase Breast Size Fast

    Enter "breast enhancement pills" into a search engine and literally hundreds of thousands of results will appear. Google, for example, yielded 629,000 results. With so many sites offering advice, hawking… Read More

  • Where to Get Rutin

    Also known as rutoside, rutin is a bioflavonoid commonly used as a dietary supplement. Rutin is most famously known for its antioxidant power and its ability to enhance the absorption… Read More

  • Vitamins That are Good for Asthma Patients

    Asthma is a chronic illness that affects the respiratory system. According to the Centers for Disease Control around 16.2 million American adults and 6.7 million children suffer from asthma. Asthma… Read More

  • How to Add Psyllium to Food

    Psyllium is an herb that has many medicinal uses. It has been shown to help with constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, weight loss, heart conditions and gout. It is an… Read More

  • Does Yohimbine HCL Need to Be Cycled?

    Yohimbine Hydrochloride (HCL) is a synthetic form of the active ingredient in yohimbe bark extract. This substance is thought to aid in weight loss by stimulating the central nervous system… Read More

  • How to Find an Herbalife Distributor

    Herbalife International, founded in 1980, sells a full range of health and personal care products, including weight loss formulas, multivitamins, energy supplements and hair and skincare products. Herbalife does not… Read More

  • Barley Grass Vs. Wheatgrass

    When it comes to healthy living, many people turn to nutritional supplements like barley grass (hordeum vulgare) and wheatgrass (triticum aestivum). While both are packed full of nutrients and benefits,… Read More

  • Cons of the Spawn Supplement

    A supplement made by Myogenix, Spawn was supposed to help increase your testosterone levels naturally. It also was purported to help you build muscle and lose fat through the use… Read More

  • Danger in Taking Glutamine & Glucosamine Together

    Glutamine and glucosamine may have similar sounding names, but these two very different compounds that can be purchased over-the-counter as nutritional supplements. Neither has been evaluated by the Food and… Read More

  • What Are the Benefits of Red Yeast Rice & Coq10?

    CoQ10, also referred to as coenzyme Q10 or ubiquinone, is a natural substance made by the human body, although dietary supplements are also available. Red yeast rice is a culture… Read More

  • What Are the Benefits of Lecithin Granules?

    Lecithin is a fat-like substance produced by the liver that is a key building block of cell membranes in the human body and is essential to maintaining overall health. Most… Read More

  • Medical Benefits of Noni Juice

    Noni is a type of mulberry that produces a pungent, bitter juice packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. The popularity of this juice has risen in the last… Read More

  • Signs & Symptoms of Excess Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for humans, but it is found naturally in few food sources. Most people get most of their vitamin D from sunlight and fortified dairy… Read More

  • Uses of Liquid Iodine

    Iodine is a naturally occurring chemical element present in the thyroid gland. The body requires iodine to produce hormones that regulate the body's basic metabolic rate. But iodine has many… Read More

  • What Is Diindolylmethane Complex?

    Diindolylmethane, or more simply DIM, is naturally produced in your body after you eat cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage. DIM shows promise for preventing hormone-sensitive cancers, but more… Read More

  • What Are the Benefits of Brown Rice Protein Powder?

    When you're looking to top up your protein intake, a protein supplement can be particularly useful. The trouble with whey or casein powder, however, is that they're unsuitable if you… Read More

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