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Fly Web USA started offering flying insect trap products in 1999. These products eliminate insects such as flies, yellow jackets, mosquitoes and moths found in both residential and business settings.

  1. Function

    • The Fly Web fly light trap uses UV light to attract flying insects in combination with a glue board to eliminate insect problems. You must plug the Fly Web light trap into an electrical outlet and change the adhesive glue board once it becomes full of insects for the trap to work effectively.


    • The Fly Web fly light features a gray exterior covering. This product measures 3 1/2 inches in width and 10 1/2 inches in height. This lighted fly trap requires a 9-watt insect lamp bulb and a 3 by 5 inch adhesive glue strip.


    • The Fly Web comes with a one-year limited warranty and offers a silent, non-toxic way to resolve flying insect problems.


    • As of March 2011, the Fly Web fly light trap is available for under $30 at the official Fly Web website. Replacement UV bulbs and adhesive boards are available for under $10.

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