Satellite Switch Installation

The switch in your satellite system allows you to connect multiple satellite receivers to your satellite TV service. Without a switch you could watch only one TV with your satellite service.

  1. Installation Considerations

    • The switch installs in between your dish and your receivers in your satellite system. The switch wires into your system with a set of coaxial cables.

    Dish Installation

    • Run the coaxial cables from the LNB ports on your satellite dish to the "To Dish" jacks on one side of the satellite switch. Screw down the fasteners on the connecter ends to secure the connection.

    Receiver Connection

    • Connect a coaxial cable to the "To Receiver" jacks on the other side of the satellite switch. Fasten the other end of the cable to the "LNB IN" port on the rear of your satellite receiver. Connect the other receivers in your house to the remaining RF jacks.

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