Will a Distilled Vinegar Spray Get Rid of Grasshoppers?


Grasshoppers pose a problem if you have a garden or if the pests find a way into your home. Chemical sprays are costly and problematic, but distilled white vinegar may work equally well.


  • Combine one cup distilled white vinegar with three cups warm water. Add one tsp. soap flakes and mix until the soap dissolves into the liquid.


  • Use a garden sprayer or insecticide sprayer and place the solution in the sprayer. Look for signs of an infestation and spray the solution in those areas. Treat spots both inside and outside your home. You can also spray the solution directly on any grasshoppers to kill the pests instantly.

Time Frame

  • Treat the grasshopper infestation with the distilled vinegar solution during the early morning hours when the grasshoppers are most active. Repeat the process after two days. Continue spraying every few days, using a fresh solution until the problem is gone.

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