Toyota Corolla Starting Problems


Toyota Corollas are powered by a 1.8 or 2.4 liter four cylinder gasoline engine. Should starting problems arise, you can isolate the problem and identify the faulty part by performing a few tests.

The Engine Cranks But Does Not Start

  • If the battery is not charged properly, it will be unable to supply the proper electrical voltage to power the alternator and fuel injectors to turn the engine. Poorly maintained battery terminals also can impair the battery.

The Engine Does Not Turn

  • Inspect the connection of the ignition wires and coil pack to the spark plugs. Replace the ignition wires if they show any sign of wear or damage.

Bad Starter and Solenoid

  • If your Corolla has high mileage and none of the above recommendations has fixed the problem, then you might need to replace the starter and solenoid. These two parts are interdependent as the solenoid or starter relay signals the starter motor to rotate the engine. Contact your Toyota Dealer Service Department for proper diagnosis and repairs.


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