What Are the Red Worms in My Koi Pond?


Red worms found in a koi pond are most likely bloodworms. These worms are actually the larval form of a chironomidae midge. These midges lay their eggs in water, where they hatch into small, red, worm-like creatures.

Life Cycle

  • Bloodworm eggs can be found in gooey masses on grass and sticks near the edges of a still pond. These hatch in one to two days to become free-swimming bloodworms. After a few days at this stage, they will pupate and finally emerge as adult midges.


  • Bloodworms make excellent fish food. They contain a lot of nutrition, and fish find them very appealing. They are often collected and frozen or dried for use by aquarium hobbyists.

Fun Facts

  • The adult midges live about three to five days. During this time they exist only to lay eggs to insure the species will carry on. They never eat once they have emerged from their pupae.


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