Pepper to Get Rid of Rats


Rats, notorious chewers, will go for your garbage bag or car engine wires and create a mess. Combine rat proofing with natural rat control, using spices like pepper to eliminate your pest problem.


  • Rats will leave your home if you introduce a smell that drives them away. This gives you a natural rat control method that doesn't introduce chemicals into your home and resolves your rat problem without killing them.


  • Don't try black pepper for rat control. Go with cayenne pepper instead or a hot pepper sauce. Other home remedies to control rats include wasabi and peppermint (dried or tea). Animal urine also deters rats.


  • Sprinkle the dried spice in areas that have a proven rat presence. You can also combine hot sauce with a little oil (so it will stick) and spray this on rat-infested areas. When the rats get a whiff of the pepper, they'll move out. Repeat as often as needed, if the rats move elsewhere in your landscape or if new rats appear.


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