Comparing General Tires With Goodyear Tires


Goodyear is an automotive company specializing in the manufacturing and selling of tires. A Goodyear tire has specific qualities that can you help you differentiate between Goodyear and other brands.


  • Every Goodyear tire will have the "Goodyear" name and logo printed on the face of the tire. The logo is a shoe with wings, attributed to the Greek god Hermes. In comparison, this is the easiest way to distinguish between other tire brands and a Goodyear tire.


  • High-value added (HVA) is a design that Goodyear tires use when compared to general tires, who use low-value added (LVA) designs for their tires. Goodyear's HVA tire design adds dual-tread zones with TreadLock technology, dual reinforced, carbon fiber, tire sidewalls, silica type tread and additional components for improved handling while driving.


  • Goodyear uses a technology that allows the tread of a tire to wear away at a slower rate, saving on gas. The less tread a tire has, the more gas is burned to gain traction from the tires. Many general tire companies do not possess such technology when creating their tread.


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