What Fertilizer Do You Use for Leyland Cypress Trees?


The Leyland cypress is beloved by home gardeners because it is an extremely fast-growing tree. It is used as a holiday tree as well as for windbreaks and screening in the landscape. Requiring little care once established, a little bit of fertilizer goes a long way for the Leyland cypress.


  • Any fertilizer labeled for use on azaleas is the ideal formula for the Leyland cypress. Purchase a granular formula. If you can't locate an azalea food, look for a fertilizer with a 14-7-7 formula. Always water after fertilizing.


  • Fertilize the newly planted Leyland cypress for the first time two months after planting. In subsequent years, fertilize the tree twice a month in spring and once a month in the summer. Do not fertilize at all from October through February.


  • Apply fertilizer at the rate listed on the label for the size of your tree to the soil at the tree's dripline. Scratch it into the top inch of soil with a rake and then water as you normally do.


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