Mississippi Stun Gun Laws


Stun guns are self-defense weapons capable of producing a typically non-lethal electric shock. Laws concerning the possession and use of these weapons vary by state and jurisdiction.

Mississippi Laws

  • In Mississippi, it is legal to own and carry a stun gun without a permit. However, individuals who carry a history of mental illness or felony charges may be denied access to owning a stun gun. Sales may be restricted to individuals over the age of 18.


  • If you are flying to or from Mississippi, it is illegal to carry a stun gun onto an airplane, without certification. You also cannot carry a stun gun into federal establishments, schools or law enforcement centers.


  • Minors, convicted felons and intoxicated individuals carrying stun guns may receive a fine between $100 and $500 or face between 30 days and six months in prison. In severe cases, jail time may range from one year to five years.


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