Do Pine Trees Have a Taproot?


Pine (Pinus sp.) is a conifer. Pine trees range in height from 4 to 100 feet. They serve as windbreaks, Christmas trees and sources of turpentine. Pine trees develop deep tap roots as the part above ground begins to grow.


  • Pine trees develop two different types of roots. Fine roots grow in the top 6 inches of soil and live for a year before being replaced by new roots. Coarse roots are deep roots, like tap roots and live as long as the pine tree.


  • Small pine trees grow tap roots 4 to 15 feet deep. Large pine trees produce tap roots that reach 35 to 75 feet deep. Tap roots grow straight down searching for water.


  • Tap roots provide the pine trees with stability as the above ground section becomes top heavy. These roots also store starch, a source of energy.


  • Pine tree roots cause damage to structures if they are planted in the wrong location. Tap roots can break into sewer lines, water pipes and building foundations.

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