Huge Leaf Identification


Many plants have features that give them character and make them noticeable, like silvery bark on the ash tree, or bright red peony blooms. Leaves are also an identifying factor when it comes to plants, and there are several tree and flowers that contain these very large natural accents.


  • Cast iron plants, which can grow indoors or out, are evergreens that grow in the shade, with leaves that are about 3 feet long. The leaves on the silk tree grow alternately on the stem and are a medium green color -- they can grow up to 15 ft in maturity. Edible plants like the big spinach have shiny leaves that are 4 feet in length; the leaves on the banana plant are about 10 feet long.


  • The leaves on the canna indica flower are oval-shaped, and are contrasted by bell-shaped, hot-pink flowers. The black-leafed taro is a vegetable plant with black or dark purple leaves that are heart-shaped, much like the leaves on the hardy arum lily. The Beschorneria yuccoides, which looks a lot like the yucca plant, has leaves that are shaped like sickles and grayish green in color.


  • The jelly palm tree, a native Argentinian plant, has large, smooth leaves that are slightly prickly at the top in nature due to their pointy tips. The leaves of the bigleaf magnolia have a slick texture, and are slightly curly in maturity. Elephant's ear, a tropical plant, has huge egg-shaped leaves that are slightly thick, slightly plastic in texture, and evergreen.

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