Calibration Standards for Calipers


A caliper is a simple device used for measuring the distance between two points on an object. There are a number of steps one should take in order to ensure proper caliper calibration.


  • Before calibration, it is necessary to ensure that they are not damaged in any way. Common types of damage include chipped measuring faces and points; a loose face, sticking or binding parts; damaged tracks, damaged gears and a failure to repeat back to "0."


  • Calipers should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure accurate calibration. Calipers should be wiped with a clean cloth, inspected for dirt and metal chips in the rack and blasted with a light stream of air then demagnetized by rubbing them with a rag that has itself been rubbed on a demagnetizer.

Gauge Blocks

  • Calipers are calibrated using gauge blocks, which are standard devices used for measuring length. They are calibrated by ensuring that they match the measurements provided by three gauge blocks; for example, a 6 inch caliper should be calibrated using 1-inch, 3-inch and 6-inch gauge blocks. Accuracy should be ensured up to 3 decimal places.

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