What Is an Articulated Boom Lift?


An articulated boom lift or cherry picker is a hydraulically powered lift used to get to high, hard to reach areas above ground level. It's controlled by a panel located in the bucket by the operator.


  • The boom's different parts allow it to travel in opposing directions. Unlike a scissor lift (which only travels vertically), the boom lift can travel both horizontally and vertically, so it can access areas by reaching over large obstacles. It's attached to, and supported by, a grounded vehicle.


  • Boom lifts are used in construction and by window fitters who need a strong and stable platform on which to stand, when working on the outside of a building. Tree surgeons, lamppost engineers and firefighters also use them when necessary.


  • Boom lifts can be purchased from specialty lift manufacturers. They're also available for short-term use from equipment rental companies.


  • Photo Credit boom of a firetruck during fire in the city image by Elnur from Fotolia.com
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