Software for Grant Writing

A variety of grants are offered for specific projects through government resources and private funds. Many businesses and organizations, particularly within scientific research, have to apply regularly for these grants to sustain themselves and will use grant writing software to speed up the process.

  1. Considerations

    • Grant writing software is a lucrative part of a major international Internet scam business; once your order is placed, criminals can access bank accounts using the financial information you provided through the order. Only purchase from reputable companies and organizations or from websites suggested by these institutions. Many grant providers, the federal government included, will only accept online applications written on their specific forms, which makes grant writing software pointless.


    • Most grant applications include budgets, short biographies of grant applicants, description of the project and the purpose of the enterprise in the local community or society. Grant writing software will include forms to assist with this paperwork; a benefit is that you can save the information for multiple or future use.


    • The grant software will provide templates and be helpful in organizing the details. However, the programs will not perform the act of formulating and writing the statements, biographies and budgets.

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