Why Does Firefox Take Me to Google When I Type in the Address Bar?

Why Does Firefox Take Me to Google When I Type in the Address Bar? thumbnail
The search function is built in to Firefox's address bar.

Using the Firefox Web browser's address bar can result in loading the desired website or opening a Google search results page. This only happens when Firefox cannot locate the specified address or guess at the correct network location.

  1. Behavior

    • Typing a correct URL into the address bar will navigate the browser to that website. Firefox can also fill in certain information not entered into the address bar. For instance, not entering the "http://www." preceding most pages will still navigate the browser to the correct site rather than a search page.

    Google Results

    • If the URL is not correct and Firefox does not find an appropriate destination, the browser will instead open a search results page using the text in the address bar as a query. Google is the default provider for these results.


    • If you would rather Firefox use a different search provider, type "about:config" (without quotes) into the address bar and press "Enter." Type "browser.search.defaultenginename" (without quotes) into the "Filter" box and double-click on the entry that appears. Change its value to the name of another installed search engine. You can see which engines you have installed from the search box drop-down menu to the right of the address bar.

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