Care for a Burning Bush Shrub


Burning bush (Euonymus alata), is an attractive shrub with dark green foliage that turns shades of pink to deep red in autumn, depending on available sunlight. Its small, red berries will keep hungry birds satisfied during the winter.


  • Burning bush should be watered regularly during the first year after planting. Keep the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. After the first year, the shrub requires very little water but will benefit from an occasional deep watering during long periods of hot, dry weather, especially if the shrub is planted in full sunlight.


  • An organic mulch such as shredded pine bark or pine needles will keep the soil moist and the ground under the shrub looking neat. Spread 2 to 4 inches of mulch around the shrub, but leave 4- to 6-inch band uncovered around the trunk.


  • Fertilize your burning bush shrub every year in early spring, using a timed-release granular fertilizer for trees and shrubs. Refer to the package directions for specific rates of application.


  • Burning bush can be pruned any time of year, but late autumn is best. Prune as needed to keep the shrub tidy and to maintain the desired size and shape.


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