VGA Cable Length Limitations


The maximum length you can run a video graphics array, or VGA, cable depends on the resolution of your monitor. Lower resolution monitors can go as far as 50 feet, but a monitor with 1024-by-768 resolution is limited to around 30 feet.


  • VGA was never meant to be a long-distance technology, but with the increasing popularity of home theater systems and TV-top computing, some users find it necessary to run up to 100 feet of VGA cable. Ideally, these cables should not be run more than about 30 feet.


  • The best rule of thumb is to go by your monitor resolution. The lower the resolution, the longer you can run the cable. Using a cable that is too long for your monitor resolution could result in signal degradation, ghosting and screen flicker. In some cases, using a premium quality cable helps to reduce degradation.


  • VGA repeaters can be used along the length of your cable if you need to transmit your signal beyond the recommended length. A repeater gathers and passes on the signal and helps prevent degradation. Another option is to use digital video interface, or DVI, if your computer supports it. Digital signals can travel significantly farther without loss of image.


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