Indoor Cyclamen Plant Care

Cyclamen is a winter-flowering perennial plant that grows from a tuber. It has gray-green, mottled leaves and butterfly-like flowers that bloom indoors when specific cultural requirements are met.

  1. Temperature

    • The key to long-lived cyclamen blooms indoors is cool temperatures. According to the University of Missouri Extension, night temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal, but 60 degrees Fahrenheit is adequate. Daytime temperatures should not exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


    • Provide cyclamen with bright, indirect light. An eastern or southern window is ideal.


    • Keep cyclamen soil wet but not soggy. Iowa State University Extension recommends irrigating with warm water when the soil surface has dried. They also advise against watering the corm directly, as it is susceptible to rot.


    • Getting cyclamen to re-flower is difficult but not impossible. Once blooming stops in the spring, gradually withhold water as the foliage yellows. When the foliage is dead, the plant is dormant. Stop watering and put the cyclamen in a cool, dim location for approximately eight weeks. In mid-summer, place the cyclamen in a cool, well-lit location. Resume watering and fertilize with a well-balanced fertilizer. The plant should bud up by mid-winter.

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