Harvest Time for Concord Grapes

October is the most common harvest time for Concord grapes. A variety of the European purple grape, Concord grapes are native to North America and harvested 99 percent of the time by mechanical harvest machines.

  1. Characteristics

    • Unlike their European counterparts, Concord grapes are distinguished by their many seeds and loose skins, making them the perfect grape for juice, jam and jelly production, but unpopular for use as a table grape. Concord vines are grown by both commercial harvesters and home gardeners alike.


    • Concord grapes are a perennial vine that will grow in the wild, but when planted for harvest, must undergo three seasons of planting before the first crop will appear, reports the website ConcordGrapeGrowing.com. For this reason, planting with a sturdy trellis that will last multiple seasons is key.

    Ripening Factors

    • Harvest times will vary slightly depending on the cultivar of Concord grape planted, according to the website of the Purdue University Consumer Horticulture. Factors used for Concord grape ripeness-testing are a sweet taste, blue exterior color, brown seeds, firm texture and a white coloring on the skin. If the weather conditions are warm, some seasons will produce mixed ripening, which includes fully formed, green grapes in the cluster that are inedible. If this occurs, the blue Concord grapes in the cluster are not affected.

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