McAfee & Webroot Conflict

Founded by entrepreneur Steven Thomas in 1997, Webroot is a company that makes antivirus and antispyware programs. John McAfee, another entrepreneur, established McAfee in 1987. Although McAfee and Webroot both protect computers, the two programs should never run simultaneously.

  1. Background

    • Many personal computers connected to the Internet will more than likely eventually become infected with spyware, malware, viruses or Trojan horses. Such programs spread via spam, bad links or freeware. Once they invade your computer, they can do anything they want, such as disabling your antivirus software, tracking your keystrokes and deleting files.

    About McAfee and Webroot

    • McAfee and Webroot are some of the most popular computer security programs. Both companies have features on their programs, such as firewalls and live scans, which prevent future infections. Computer owners, however, should never run two programs since they cause each other to crash. Only one antivirus program should be on a computer at once.

    Spyware Prevention

    • Along with using computer security programs, computer owners can prevent infections by browsing the Internet with caution. They should avoid file sharing and ad-laden websites since such websites often harbor spyware. They should also avoid downloading anything without researching it beforehand use as safe a Web browser as possible.

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