Styrofoam Globe Project

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Making a globe of the world out of a Styrofoam ball is a fun project for kids. The globe is versatile, and can be as detailed or as abstract as you want. Making a globe is a hands-on way to learn about the Earth.


  • Use a Styrofoam globe for a visual representation of the Earth. The end result should be colorful, accurate and compact enough to move easily between home and school. Globe-shaped Styrofoam can be obtained at any craft specialty store, and usually found in the craft section of most major department stores.

How to Make the Globe

  • Using a map, sketch the land masses onto the Styrofoam with a pen. You will paint over the lines, so do not worry if you make a mistake. Using a greenish or brown color, fill in the land masses with the paint. Paint the rest of the area blue to represent the oceans.


  • Styrofoam is easy to customize. Use the edge of a pencil to give texture to mountains. If you do not like the effect of the paint on the porous Styrofoam, you can papier-mache with strips of newspaper around the edges, then paint the newspaper once it dries.




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