Can a Parakeet & Cockatiel Be Kept in the Same Cage?

Parakeets and cockatiels are social and brightly colored birds. Their small sizes and similar friendly temperaments allow them to be compatible with each other. They can live in the same cage, but only as long as they are trained and their individual needs are met.

  1. Parakeet Facts

    • The Indian Ringneck parakeet requires a bit more training.
      The Indian Ringneck parakeet requires a bit more training.

      Parakeets are extremely social and like to have toys to keep them occupied. In the wild, they flock as a group, so it is helpful if they have a companion to interact with. They can be trained to talk and they often chirp when they want attention. Their diet consists mainly of seeds and fruit, and occasional cooked meat is acceptable.

    Cockatiel Facts

    • Cockatiels can be blue, yellow, or white.
      Cockatiels can be blue, yellow, or white.

      Cockatiels are easier to tame than parakeets. They mainly whistle but are able to say a few phrases with enough training. Hard-boiled egg, fruit and soft breads make up their diet. They are susceptible to some fatal diseases, such as wasting disease, which affects a cockatiel's nervous system and organs.


    • Both birds are high maintenance, but with each other's company they will stay entertained. It is recommended that these birds live in the largest cages possible with some flying room, preferably square in shape. Use wire cages and avoid bamboo cages, since the birds can gnaw through the bars. Line the cage with old newspapers or a similar material to keep the space sanitary. Large, outdoor cages might be the best option if you live in a warm area.

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  • Photo Credit Perruche dans sa cage rose. image by Bruno Bernier from indian rose-ringed parakeet image by Jan Zoetekouw from lutino cockatiel image by Nicky Jacobs from

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