How to Reinstall Chipset Drivers

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Chipset drivers are small applications that control how a computer's key components--specifically the processor, memory and motherboard--interact with Microsoft Windows. They usually are pre-installed by the computer manufacturer, but you can reinstall them from other sources in an emergency.

Installation Disks

  • The first places to check are installation disks that came with the computer. Typically, they are labeled "Drivers" or "Recovery Disks." Instructions that came with the computer may mention them; otherwise, the disks can be browsed for the relevant drivers.

Manufacturer's Website

  • Chipset drivers are always available from the manufacturer's website. The manufacturer of a computer's internal components can be determined via the computer's seller, an Internet search or a diagnostics tool. Main chipset drivers usually come from the motherboard manufacturer and cover basic audio and graphics functionality. If hardware is more than 3 or 4 years old, a third-party driver library may be needed.

Device Manager

  • Drivers also can be updated through Device Manager in Windows' Control Panel. Right-clicking on a particular component and choosing Update Driver Software can force Windows to search for compatible updated drivers on the Internet. Matches are downloaded and installed automatically.


  • Chipset drivers can be installed simply by running the setup file from the installation disk or downloading them from the Internet. In most cases, a reboot is required. The setup programs that come with the drivers proceed through the update process to completion.




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