Grants for Home Repairs for Veterans

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After serving with honor, many disabled veterans receive needed and deserved home improvement assistance.

After serving the country, many disabled veterans and service members face certain housing and home care challenges, such as difficulty accessing the home or the lavatory. The federal government's Department of Veteran Affairs offers home improvement grants to veterans to help ease some of these challenges.

  1. HISA Grants

    • The Veterans Administration issues Home Improvement and Structural Alterations grants to veterans with disabilities that require them to install rehabilitative equipment, therapeutic devices and other medical treatment equipment in their homes. HISA Grants provide up to $2,500 for veterans with a disability connected with their service and $600 for veterans with disabilities from other causes.

    SAH and SHA Grants

    • Veterans with debilitating conditions such as paralysis can apply for Specially Adapting Housing grants of up to $50,000. SAH grants are most often used to add wheelchair accessibility to the home. Veterans with slightly less extreme disabilities, such as the loss of both hands or blindness in both eyes, may apply for Special Housing Adaptation grants of up to $10,000 to assist with mobility throughout the home.

    TRA Grants

    • Congress created Temporary Residence Application grants for service members and veterans who do not own their home but instead are staying with family. To qualify, the stay or intended stay must be considered temporary. Those qualifying under SAH grant terms receive up to $14,000, and those qualifying under SHA grant terms receive up to $2,000.

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