The Specifications of a McLaren Honda MP4/4

The McLaren Honda MP4/4 was a Formula One car with a Honda engine that was built for the 1988 F1 season. It was driven by both Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, and remains one of the most successful F1 cars, according to

  1. Dimensions

    • The MP4/4 measured 173 inches in length, 84 inches in width and 37 inches in height. It had 113.2-inch wheelbase, and a front and rear track of 71.8 and 65.7 inches, respectively. It weighed 1190.5 lb.


    • The McLaren Honda MP4/4 had a longitudinally mounted Honda RA186-E V6 fuel-injected engine with an aluminum alloy block and head construction. Its four valves per cylinder in a double-overhead-camshaft configuration, coupled with two IHI turbochargers, helped power the engine. which had a displacement of 91.2 cubic inches.


    • The carbon fiber honeycomb chassis featured a double-wishbone suspension throughout, with push-rod actuated coil springs in the front and rocker-arm actuated coil springs in the rear. Carbon ceramic disc brakes were in the front and rear. The engine was controlled by a rear-wheel-drive, six-speed manual transmission.


    • The McLaren Honda MP4/4 was capable of a maximum output of 900 horsepower, which equated to a specific output of 602 horsepower per liter. It had a power-to-weight ratio of 1.67 horsepower per kilogram.

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