What Is an HD Upconvert Player?

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An HD upconverting player is a DVD player that can make the picture from a regular DVD look like it's HD. It does not, however, actually make the picture HD.


  • An upconverting DVD player takes the video from a DVD and enhances it using hardware in the player. Most deinterlace the picture, transforming it from interlaced video (in which each frame contains only every other line of the image) into a progressive one (in which each frame contains the complete image). The result is a smoother and clearer picture.


  • Most HDTVs sold today feature built-in processors and functions that do the same thing upconverting DVD players do. Also, all Blu-ray players, including the PlayStation 3, have built-in processes that upconvert DVDs. Thus, if you are planning to buy any of these devices, you probably don't need an upconverting DVD player.


  • No matter how you choose to upconvert your DVDs, a DVD picture will never look as clear or sharp as that of a Blu-ray. Upconverting techniques can improve picture quality, but they cannot make a standard-definition image high definition. That is impossible.


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