Instructions for Very Long Hairstyles

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Long hair can be beautiful, but because there's a lot of it, it can also be difficult to style.

While very long hair can be youthful, it can also be heavy, cumbersome and difficult to hold in a style because there's so much of it. Using simple, but chic hairstyles can help.

  1. Looped Ponytail

    • The ponytail is one of the easiest, most versatile styles for hair. They can be chic, sleek, professional, loose, romantic, sporty, fun or functional. Depending on how loosely or tightly you pull it back, how you accessorize it, or what you do to your hair texture, the ponytail has a limitless variations. Because long hair can still hang in the way in a regular ponytail, one way to pull your hair back and lift the hair up a bit is to create a looped ponytail. Pull your hair back normally, but when wrapping the elastic around the ponytail the last time, don't pull the hair all the way through. This creates the illusion of extra-thick, but shorter hair.

    Half Up Half Down

    • Wearing your hair half up and half down is one way to pull the hair off and away from your face, but still showcase the hair's length and texture. Simply pulling the top layers back and clipping at the back of the head can change your look. If you pull it back tightly, you can create a more sleek appearance, while pulling and clipping it back loosely and allowing small tendrils to fall loose creates a unique look.

    Wearing it Loose and Long

    • Allow your hair to hang free and natural. If leaving it unstyled is too natural for you, use a curling iron to bend the ends a little. You can curl all of it under for a very simple, classic look, or flip the ends outward for a long-hair flip-wave that is a bit more retro. Curling the ends either way won't change the look of the hair that frames your face, but simply adds a little pizazz to your everyday look.

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