Bleeding Ears


Bleeding ears can be caused by a number of problems, such as trauma, a ruptured eardrum, a foreign object or cancer, according to Medline Plus. Bleeding from the ears is not normal and should be evaluated by a doctor.


  • Trauma ranging from minor to serious injuries can cause bleeding from the ear. Children sometimes stick sharp objects into their ears and scratch the ear canal. A fall or blow to the head can also cause a bloody discharge from the ear, according to Medline.


  • Otitis refers to inflammation of the ear. Otitis media is an inflammation of the middle ear that can be caused by either acute or chronic infection and can perforate the eardrum. Otitis externa can cause the ear canal to bleed.

Other Causes of Bleeding

  • Blood vessel malformations, scalp lesions and tumors can also cause bleeding ears. Ruptured eardrums typically heal on their own. Ear infections are usually treated with antibiotics. More serious problems may require evaluation by an otolaryngologist.

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