Where Is the Location of the Savanna?


The planet earth is home to a vast variety of terrains including grasslands, desserts and mountain ranges. A savanna is an example of a terrain that has dry grassland with scattered trees and is typically found in very dry climates. Savannas can be found across the globe including in Africa, America, Australia and Southeast Asia.

Locations of Well-Known Savannas

  • Africa - African savannas take up a huge part of the continent and about 5 million square miles. This is approximately half of the continent. The Serengeti national park that can found within Kenya and Tanzania is located within the African savanna as well as large parts of Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

    Orinoco basin of Venezuela - These are grass savannas that are maintained by yearly flooding of nearby rivers.

    Cerrado of Brazil - An open woodland of short and twisted trees. It has a vast number of species that is second only to tropical rain forests.

    Australia - Tropical savannas in Australia cover one quarter of the entire continent. A large amount of this land is home to Aboriginal people.


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