Can a US Citizen Live in Montreal?

Montreal is a beautiful and vibrant city. Some people say that it's the closest thing to Europe that North America has to offer. Many American citizens would like to call Montreal home, but there are certain protocols that must be met before moving across the border.

  1. Long-Term Visit

    • If you'd like to move to Montreal (or any Canadian city) for a period of time but do not seek permanent residency, you may need to apply for a travel visa. Check with an immigration lawyer or the Canadian government to see what is required. Even if you do not need a visa for your visit, all U.S. citizens need a valid passport, or passport card, to cross the Canadian border.

    Work or Study

    • Canada issues over 150,000 temporary work permits every year. Most jobs do require a permit, although some do not. Before applying for a work permit in the province of Quebec (where Montreal is located), you have to obtain a certificat d'acceptation du Quebec. The Canadian government also allows foreign visitors into the country to study. Students are advise to contact their specific school to find out what's necessary to attend.

    Permanent Residency

    • Obtaining permanent residency is a more complicated and lengthy process. Once again, there are procedures that are specific to Quebec, so contact an immigration lawyer or the government of Canada for the specific paperwork.

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