About Muslim Marriage

Marriage or Nikah is a very important part of a Muslim's life. It is said to be half of the Muslim religion. Tying the knot in Islam is not something to be taken lightly.

  1. Importance

    • Marriage allows for the strengthening of families with the understanding that strong families help sustain strong communities. Marriage also acts as a protection against premarital sex.


    • Dating is not allowed in Islam; however, men and women are given a chance to get to know each other for the sake of marriage. Family, friends or other community members often introduce mates. The Internet has become a significant way for many Muslims to meet and marry.


    • Both the bride and groom must agree to the marriage. No one can be forced into a marriage. Two sane, adult witnesses should be present at the ceremony at the very least. The groom must give a marriage-gift to the bride.


    • An Imam (Islamic leader) usually gives the marriage sermon. The ceremony often takes place in a masjid -- a place of worship -- but can take place in a hall, hotel or even outside in a park on a beautiful day.


    • A husband is required to treat his wife with equity, respect her feelings and show kindness and consideration. He is also supposed to provide for her financially. A Muslim woman must be attentive to the comfort and well-being of her husband.

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