What is the Center Part of a Flower Called That is Often Sticky & Makes Seeds?


Many flowers reproduce by making seeds to ensure the continuation of their species. Flowers have a sticky stigma or female part that traps pollen for fertilization of ovaries, where seed production takes place.

Pollen Production

Stigma With Style

  • Pollen trapped on the stigma is absorbed and passed down through the style. The style is a short or long straw-like tube that connects the stigma to the ovary.

Seed Factory

  • The ovary is at the base of the stigma. Within the ovary are ovules where the seeds grow. Seeds are usually not visible while the flower is still blooming, but they will develop and ripen shortly after the bloom has died.

Ovary and Ovules

  • In vegetable plants and fruit trees, the ovary becomes the edible portion of the plant, such as a green pepper, green bean, apple or cherry.

Female and Male

  • Collectively, the female parts of the flower are called the pistil and the male parts of the flower are called the stamen. The colorful petals are called the corolla, and are responsible for attracting color and scent-responsive insects.

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