Can You Have More Than One App Open on an iPad?

The Apple iPad came out in 2010. It operates similarly to an iPhone or iPod Touch, but with a much larger screen, providing the user with some of the benefits of a laptop computer as well.

  1. Apps

    • Apps, short for "applications", are different programs which can be installed and used on the iPad. Apple has developed a number of Apps, and also has platforms allowing outside parties to develop apps for the iPad.


    • Multitasking refers to the ability to run more than one app at the same time. As of October, 2010, multitasking is not yet available for apps from outside sources. Some included Apple apps can be run simultaneously.

    New Software

    • Apple has announced a new operating system for the iPad, to be unveiled in November 2010, which will allow multitasking of numerous apps. This new upgrade will allow users to run multiple apps and switch between them effortlessly. This upgrade will come installed on newly purchased iPads and will be available for purchase for iPads already in use.

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