How Many Strawberry Plants Will I Need for a Family of Two?

Strawberries are well suited for a home garden since they fruit quickly and require little space. Well drained soil and full sun -- at least six hours a day -- will maximize the yield.

  1. Potential

    • Each strawberry plant yields at least 1 quart of berries a year, the equivalent of 1 1/2 lbs. Your yield will vary depending on the type of strawberry plant and the amount of sun your climate provides.


    • Mix types of strawberry plants to get maximum yield. June-bearing strawberry plants yield large, delicious crops starting the second season. Include day-neutral plants for a longer season of medium berries from the year of planting.


    • The annual per capita consumption of strawberries is just under 5 lbs., according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Eight top-producing plants would provide 12 lbs. of strawberries, enough for an average family of two. Plant a few extra to allow for pest and disease problems.

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