Ford 8N Tractor Capacities

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The Ford 8N agricultural tractor is a piece of heavy farm equipment. This tractor was first manufactured in 1947, and it saw production through the year 1952.

Fluid Capacity

  • This tractor is designed to hold a total of 5 gallons of hydraulic fluid within its hydraulic system. The Ford 8N tractor is equipped with a fuel tank capable of holding 10 gallons of gasoline. It also has a 6-quart oil capacity.


  • The Ford 8N tractor's hydraulic system is capable of producing 1,700 lbs. per square inch of pressure. This system transfers hydraulic fluid at a rate of 2.85 gallons per minute.

Other Capacities

  • This model of Ford tractor has to be stopped before shifting through gears. It offers a total of four forward gears and one reverse gear. Drawbar horsepower refers to a tractor's ability to pull a load. A test has proved that this tractor offers a 21.95-horsepower drawbar.



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