Code of Ethics Violations

According to the Free Dictionary, ethics are sets of principles of right conduct. Many workers have written sets of ethics including accountants, teachers, medical professionals, lawyers, computer professionals, politicians and human resources management.

  1. Violations

    • Ethics violations occur when the professional commits an act that goes against the conduct code that is expected of them.


    • Lawyers are bound by a code of ethics that governs their professional conduct and most states have appointed a disciplinary counsel to investigate complaints and to act on violations when they occur. Common complaints against lawyers include misrepresentation, missing funds and fees disputes, failure to safeguard property and conflict of interest.


    • The American Medical Association says the term "ethical" refers to moral principles or practices and social policy involving issues of morality in the practice of medicine. The AMA lays out specific duties and obligations for physicians and violating them may bring disciplinary action such as censure, suspension, or expulsion from medical society membership.


    • The Association of American Educators condemns breaches of its code of ethics that covers teacher conduct towards students, colleagues, parents and community as well as their own work standards.

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