What Animals Live in the Rainforest Habitat?

The rainforest is home to millions of different species.
The rainforest is home to millions of different species. (Image: Rainforest image by Denis GELIN from Fotolia.com)

According to Rainforests.net, the world's rainforests contain anywhere from 40 percent to 75 percent of all the animals in existence. Millions of species make their home in the rainforest habitat, from the upper levels of the canopy to the rainforest floor, where the larger animals live. The animals found in each rainforest depend on where the rainforest is located.


In South American rainforests, you can find the jaguar, ocelot, sloth, howler monkey, marmoset, bat and the capybara (the largest rodent in the world). In Southeast Asia, the orangutan, gibbon and tiger reside in rainforests. Antelopes, gorillas, hippos and okapi all make their homes in West African rainforests.


Birds are some of the rainforest's most colorful and varied species. In South America, you can see the quetzal, macaw, toucan, hummingbird and eagle. The Australian rainforest is famous for the cassowary and laughing kookaburra. West African rainforests have the Congo peafowl and African Gray Parrot, as well as thousands more.


Millions of insects reside in the world's rainforests. Many different butterflies make their home in rainforests, including the Monarch butterfly. Other insects in the rainforest include the leafcutter ant, dragonfly, praying mantis and tiger beetle.


Snakes and lizards especially love the rainforests for its dense, moist climate. South American reptiles include the anaconda, the caiman, the boa snake and the iguana. In Australian rainforests, you can find the frilled lizard, carpet python, spotted tree monitor and Eastern water dragon.

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