What Is a Spinach Flour Tortilla?


A tortilla is a flat, round piece of bread — often made with white flour, wheat flour or corn meal — that is popular for making Spanish dishes. A spinach flour tortilla is a piece of such bread that is made by grinding spinach into a fine powder and using it as flour.


  • Spinach flour tortillas can be used in any recipe that calls for tortilla bread. Some of the dishes that use tortillas include quesadillas, fajitas, burritos, salad wraps and soft tacos.


  • Spinach is a recommended source of iron and antioxidants. It also contains such nutrients as vitamin A, calcium, folate and potassium, and is low in calories. Consuming the vegetable can help relieve symptoms from conditions like migraines and arthritis.


  • Although tortillas are made with spinach flour, they might be baked with fillers or preservatives that negate the vegetable's health benefits. Check the ingredients label on the tortilla's package, or if you're dining out, ask the chef how the bread is made.

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