Illinois Blue Card Regulations

BlueCard is a program provided by BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois. This program allows members who frequently travel to obtain health care services outside the area of their BCBS plan.

  1. Coverage

    • With the BlueCard program, members can receive health care services in more than 200 countries throughout the world. If you are a resident in the state of Illinois with BCBS coverage and take advantage of the BlueCard plan, you are able to submit claims from other areas to your Illinois-based health care plan.

    Customer Service

    • If you have any questions regarding a submitted claim, payment, or adjustment while under this plan, you will still contact BCBS of Illinois, regardless of where your treatment was provided.

    BlueCard Member Identification

    • BlueCard members can be identified in a variety of ways. Members with PPO coverage will have a logo on their membership card that has PPO inside the image of a suitcase. Traditional health care members and members with a POS or HMO will have an empty suitcase logo on their membership card. All BlueCard members also have a three-letter prefix on their membership number.

    Pre-Certification and Billing

    • Before receiving medical care outside the Illinois service area, pre-certification should be obtained from the Medical Management Department of BSBS of Illinois. Once certification has been provided, all claims can be submitted electronically to BCBS of Illinois.

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