What Good Are Wasps?


Wasps are winged insects, distinguishable from yellow jackets by their slender bodies and long legs. They have many environmental benefits, despite their tendencies to sting humans. If they are not in a location where they are exposed to people, they should be left alone.

Pest Control

  • Wasps give their young smaller insects, such as aphids, for food. These insects often destroy gardens by eating your plants. Wasps also eat houseflies and blowfly larva, decreasing the appearance of these pests as well.


  • Some wasps pollinate flowers. They are not as effective pollinators as bees, because they do not have hairs like bees, but they do contribute to the pollination of flowers and other plants.

Controlling a Wasp Problem

  • If a nest is in a place where wasps are becoming a danger to yourself or others, spray the nest with an aerosol for killing wasps, widely available in drugstores or hardware stores. Spray in early morning or late evening, and wait a few days before removing the nest.

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