How to Compare Cosequin & Adequan

Labradors are particularly prone to arthritis.
Labradors are particularly prone to arthritis. (Image: labrador image by asb from

Cosequin and Adequan are both used in the treatment of arthritis in dogs.These drugs help repair the damage within the joint and reduce the rate at which arthritis develops. They must both be prescribed by your veterinarian.


Cosequin is available as chewable tablets or capsules which can be opened and sprinkled on the food. The tablets have to be taken daily, initially at a higher loading dose, and then on a reduced maintenance dose for life. You can give the tablets to your dog at home. Adequan is injected into your dog's muscle, twice weekly for four consecutive weeks. The course may need to be repeated two to four times a year, depending on the severity of your dog's arthritis. The injections will be given at your veterinarian's office.

How They Work

The ends of your dog's bones are covered in cartilage, a smooth, shock-absorbing substance. Cartilage stops bones from banging against each other as your dog moves. Cartilage is slightly damaged each time a joint moves. In a normal, healthy animal the damage is so slight that it can be easily repaired. If your dog has arthritis, the damage is more marked and repair is not fully carried out. Over time, the cartilage is worn away, allowing the bones to rub against one another, causing pain and limiting the range of movement of the joint. Both Cosequin and Adequan act to reduce the breakdown of cartilage and promote the manufacture of new cartilage. As the cartilage heals, your dog will be in less pain and able to bounce around more easily. Both products aim to reduce pain and improve your dog's quality of life. Both manufacturers claim that improvement will be seen after four weeks of treatment.

Side Effects

Cosequin and Adequan are usually well tolerated, with a few dogs developing vomiting or loose bowel movements. Adequan is an injection, which may result in some pain at the injection site, or an abscess if bacterial infection is allowed to enter at the time of injection. Adequan cannot be used in dogs with known or suspected bleeding disorders.

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