What Attire to Pack for a Caribbean Cruise

Getting ready for a trip is a daunting task and many of us tend to bring more than we need. Avoid over packing when traveling on a Caribbean cruise and consider the formality of the trip, the weather conditions and your vacation plans.

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    • Most cruises require both formal and informal clothing. Day wear is casual with shorts, sundresses and cotton T-shirts as acceptable attire. Evening wear is a bit dressier and nice pants, collared shirts and dresses are appropriate for dinner. Most cruises lasting four or more nights have at least one formal evening and the dress codes recommends suits and tuxedos for men and cocktail dresses or long dresses for women.


    • Consider the time of year of the cruise. The Caribbean is sunny, hot and humid, but temperatures dip during the winter months and a jacket will keep you warm. When traveling during the summer months and rainy season, pack a raincoat or poncho to protect you from the rain when visiting ports of call. It is always a good idea to bring a sweater or light jacket, even in the summer months, as sections of the cruise ship get chilly due to the air conditioning.


    • Determine what activities you will participate in while on the cruise and have appropriate clothing for excursions. Bring bathing suits and cover-ups if a beach and pool vacation is in your future. Pack walking shorts and comfortable t-shirts if planning to tour, hike or walk. Always remember to bring comfortable walking shoes for touring and for exploring the ship.


    • Always check with your cruise line for dress code recommendations and if electrical appliances are allowed. Many ships confiscate irons and steamers because they are fire hazards. Combat this issue by packing wrinkle resistant clothing. Save ship dry cleaning and laundry fees and bring hand washable and quick drying items. Bring a carry on with a change of clothes and bathing suit in the event that your luggage doesn't get to your room promptly, according to Royal Caribbean.

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