Mange & Ringworm


Mange and ringworm commonly affect pets like cats and dogs. Different types of mites cause mange and a fungus causes ringworm. Symptoms range from mild to severe. Vets can diagnose both conditions by microscopic investigation.


Demodex and sarcoptic mites cause mange in cats and dogs. Animals do not transmit demodex between each other or to people. The mite does not cause much itching, and may just cause small patches of hair loss. Secondary bacterial infection can result in more severe cases. Sarcoptic mange causes more serious symptoms; it is very itchy, very contagious and causes a lot of hair loss.


Dermatophytic fungi cause ringworm. It spreads by direct skin-to-skin contact between pets, pets to people and between people. It can also spread by contact with contaminated surfaces. Symptoms typically do not last very long and include itching, brittle hair and loss of hair on ear flaps of cats.


The topical application of Promeris to the back of the neck effectively kills both types of mange mites. Ringworm treatment consists of topical antifungal medications like Zymox and Miconazole. Both treatments may take several weeks or more.

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