Importance of Health Information Technology

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, opportunities in health information technology should continue to rise through 2018. The demand for qualified individuals in health information technology is increasing because of the medical needs of the growing elderly population in addition to the development of electronic health records.

  1. Purpose

    • The purpose of health information technology is to develop and implement information systems that support the work of medical professionals, public health leaders and researchers. These technological systems provide health information not only to those in the health care industry but also to legislators and the public.


    • Health information technology has uses beyond the development of patient medical records. In public health, health information can be used to track the prevalence of illnesses and patient survival rates. Medical professionals use this information to assist with treatment plan development. In addition, health information technicians use patient records to classify medical conditions and procedures for billing and insurance purposes.


    • Health information technology has become increasingly important over the years. The development of electronic health records is a significant advancement in the field. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, electronic health records make communications between medical professionals and health care facilities more efficient. In addition, the department reports that patients have greater involvement in their medical care when they have access to electronic health information.

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